Will general elections also be a non-event for stock markets?

NEW DELHI: Everybody is waiting for the general elections, and so are the stock markets. Finance Minister P Chidambaram's just concluded interim Budget did provide some solid base for the economy, but was largely a non-event for the markets.

Will the next big trigger, that is elections, also turn out to be one?

The Best "Sleeper Ideas" For Trends, Stocks, And Private Companies To Watch In 2014

This is the third year in a row that I’ve asked friends and colleagues of mine to make predictions for the coming year.In the past, when I’ve done these predictions, I’ve turned to mostly traders who follow public stocks.  The predictions have been about the best long ideas, the best short ideas, and the estimated return of the S&P 500 in the coming year.

Two 2014 stock investing trends already evident

It's a bit early to spot investing trends in 2014, but two "duh" trends are already playing out. I call these the "duh" plays for 2014 because they are on so many strategists list for "Trends in 2014":

First: Banks are up today on expectations of a steepening yield curve.

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